Shredder Paper Dust – is it a problem?

Old paper shredders generate paper dust. OK that’s true, and on its own paper dust is not a necessarily a health risk – but add it to the ambient dust floating round commercial office environments and it is ‘better out than in’.

When you shred paper in every sheet of paper that gets shredded produces particles of fine dust that are invisible to the naked eye, yet could pose a health risk. Ultra-fine particles carried through the air into the respiratory tract can cause allergic reactions and other illnesses. These particles are so fine that it is easy for them to find their way into the lungs, and within them be absorbed into the bloodstream, which increases the risk to health significantly.

There’s been  some research on this as it affects the workforce. German Federal Environmental Agency looked into emissions and activity analysis on particulate matter, it is called ‘analysis for the Development of European Clean Air Policies – National Contribution to the Design of the CAFE-Programme under special Consideration of Fine Particles and the Compliance with the NEC Directive and the Convention on Transboundary Air Pollution’.

DAHLE manufacture shredders and have invested heavily in saftey features so that any office worker can  confidently use a shredder without risk. DAHLE have now developed their SafeTEC3 range with a powerful built in air filter to remove fine dust particles from the shredding process.

The new filtration system is branded CleanTEC and the range is for sale in the UK now.  The development will ensure that DAHLE comply with potential future health & safety workplace regulations in the EU and the USA.

For more about the Dahle CleanTEC dust free shredding range visit here.

DAHLE products are available in the UK from DAHLESales at their comprehensive website Trust DAHLE for precision cutting and shredding.

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One Response to Shredder Paper Dust – is it a problem?

  1. Amee says:

    Even a home paper shedder can cause problems.As mentioned the fine particles infect the lungs and can cause irritation.You can even feel the very small particles on the skin and it is not a comfortable feeling.I have a difficult time breathing after paper is shredd anywhere in the home,it can travel through the vents and air current.

    The only time to shredd paper is when windows are open to let the paper dust out.

    Sinus infection and pain will develope.Some people don’t take this seriously enough,especially if they are not effected by it but should take others problems seriously as this can be a huge health issue.

    Great article!

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